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htc one m8 accessories

HTC One M8 Accessories – Top 5 That Owners Should Try

HTC manage to build yet another top flagship after the huge success in 2013 with the HTC One M7. The HTC One M8 has been one of the bests smartphones delivered in 2014, top specs and style make this device highly desirable, but high-priced smartphone as well. To make the most of this device we pick up Top 5 HTC One M8 Accessories that enhance even more the experience of owning this great smartphone build by HTC.

Top 5 HTC One M8 Accessories

htc dot caseHTC Dot View Case – This flip cover case built by HTC will give full protection to your smartphone and more. The case its build of mixed rubber and silicone with all the dots that will give access to your phone when its closed being able to answer/make calls, check the time, the weather and notifications. Its special design to fit with the front dual speakers so sound is not disrupted. The price for this HTC case is £16.17. Alternatives to this case is Dot Matrix by TechGear.



htc boombassHTC Boom Bass Sub-woofer Speaker – This little cube speaker that is small enough to fit in the hand, is ideal to take to the beach, park or use at home to listen your favourite tracks or watch a movie from your device. Will connected to your device by using Bluetooth with a range of 10m. Having a 1200mAh battery fully charged, this speaker is able to play music for 9 hours and stay on standby up to 120 hours. The price tag for this Boom bass speaker is of £59.55. Alternatives HMDX HX-P230BLA-EU.


htc fecthHTC Fetch – Times come when we ask where my phone is. Well this little piece of kit that can be used with our keys, makes life easier. With one click it makes our phone ring within 15m. Can be paired with phone so that we will get a warning beep if the phone is left behind. It also can be used as a camera shutter control as well, the battery on this device last up to 6 months. The price for this device is around £21.



htc car audioHTC Car Stereo Clip Audio Bridge –Stream your favourite music from your HTC One M8 to your car via Bluetooth using this device. Just plugin on to 3.5mm Aux-input port on your car radio and enjoy. Price tag £47.90. Alternatives – Layen Bluetooth Music Adaptor, eSynic Audio Bridge.




htc car holderHTC Car D160 Kit – This car kit is specially design to securely hold and charge the HTC one M8 on the go. With adaptable suction mount, so that can place the device as required. When the phone is inserted on the holder it automatically switches the HTC One M8 car mode on, and connect to Bluetooth car kit if found. Price Tag 29.95.




That’s our Top 5 HTC One M8 accessories list, some alternatives to the main ones as we suggested, are available at cheaper prices. We tried to keep with that same manufactures as the device in this case HTC, so that no compatible problems can be found. All the prices on this list are present on

If you have any suggestions or experiences with other HTC One M8 accessories please feel free to leave a comment or review.

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