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remove blinkfeed

How to remove BlinkFeed from the HTC One home screen

The latest HTC One smartphones incorporate a BlinkFeed app as the home screen so that users can read the latest news and check all activity in their social networks. Great thought from this Taiwanese manufacturer, but if I don’t desire to read all this news and I don’t use any social networks, do I have to keep this up as the home screen. No, this application can be removed or changed to different screen, so that I can place a any other widgets that i want on my home screen.

To remove Blinkfeed from the home screen, just follow these simple instructions.

  • Unlock your screen
  • Pinch your fingers on your home screen as you were zooming out an image or map.
  • Press and hold the home screen and simply drag to the remove icon on upper side of the screen.
  • Now BlinkFeed application as been removed from the home screen, you can set any panel as your new home screen, and simply tap to go back normal screen.

There is an other way to remove Blinkfeed from the home screen.

  • Find a empty space on any panel, press and hold until a menu comes up
  • Select Manage home screen pages
  • Move to the BlinkFeed page and press remove
  • Blinkfeed as been removed and your second panel is set as your home screen

If you decide that you want BlinkFeed again as the home screen or in other panel just go

  • Manage home screen pages
  • Look for +BlinkFeed
  • Set As Home
That is how to remove BlinkFeed from the home screen, if you have any problems on following this instruction just let us know. If you like to add widgets or apps shortcuts to your HTC One home screen an don’t now how to do it, just read our article How to add wigets to the home screen, make the most of what HTC One Smartphone as to offer.

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