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HTC One M8 Windows phone 8.1

HTC One M8 Windows

After the great marketing success of  HTC one M8 android version, HTC is making one step forward towards another version of HTC one M8 a windows phone versions. The next version of this flagship will be based on Windows Phone …

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Htc One Mini 2 review

htc one mini 2

If there is anything that has significantly changes our life then it has to be technology. Day by day we see some amazing and highly useful advancements from the technological field. It seems that the technological enhancements are here to …

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HTC ONE E8 -The Plastic Version Of One M8

htc one e8

Today we are living in times when there is no dearth of options when it comes to the gadgets. And this is not specific to any particular type of gadget but is applicable across all the types. There was a …

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HTC Sensation an effective music player.

htc sensation

The HTC Sensation is one of the more popular Android smartphones currently available. If you are lucky enough to own this impressive device, you may be aware of its capabilities as а music player. In this article I will provide …

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Android OS-An Open Source Operating System

android os

In 2005, Google acquired a small company known as Android Inc. This marked the beginning of Google`s entry to the mobile technology market. Android is an open source operating system, which is based on Linux technology. By 2010, Android  as …

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HTC 8S Review-A Beautiful Handset

htc 8s

HTC’s 8S is а beautiful handset, and is one of the best looking of all Windows Phone 8 devices right now. As much as the 8X was а new design approach for the company’s line of Windows Phones, HTC has …

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Windows Phone 8X – HTC Clear Winner

windows phone 8x

The HTC Windows Phone 8X breaks into а Windows Phone  market that has been dominated by Nokia since the OS was released last October . In fact, HTC is the only other major manufacturer to have sent us а Microsoft-based …

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