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HTC Smartwatch Dream Lives On

So what’s happening with this HTC Smartwatch, in the beginning of September all this project was done as finalized as various sources said that it didn’t worth the investment and resources, but now is being announced that this project is still on the table.

As Apple changed the game by presenting their own Smartwatch on the market, we think it as, many people probably now will give a try on this new kind of wearable technology due to the Apple factor as being classy and modern, not disrespecting other companies that have already Smartwatchs onthe market.

smartwatch 1

So what’s HTC preparing, from the information going around the diital world is that this smartwatch will high standard design and probably be running Googles Android Wear, and that will expected to be launched sometime in the beginning of 2015 nothing much, HTC is having a major event on 8 of October in New York but we don t now if anything will be announced about the new HTC Smartwatch.

We’ll all that we now is that this wearable market is growing fast and more companies are investing lot s of resources, Samsung already launched 5 or 6 Smartwatchs , Motorola , LG now Apple have their own brand Smartwatchs, if HTC wants to keep themselves in this game they will have to deliver something really good and soon.


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