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HTC Sense 6

Htc Sense 6.0 Much Smoother Than Older Versions.

HTC announced its new Sense in latest flagships, the most popular the HTC One (M8) .By HTC One M8 we can easily go through Sense 6.0, HTC also announced the Sense update for some old phones  might be available in summer. The latest Sense update comes along with more options  more closely to stock Google Android KitKat versions so in this article we going to compare the latest HTC Sense 6.0 with older Sense versions.

The latest HTC Sense 6.0 feels much smoother than the older versions, HTC is developing the new Sense closest to Google android to make a pure android interface  so the new launcher is similar to the old versions, some icons like messages and phone is the same. With the smooth swiping you can navigate through HTC BlinkFeed  and scroll behind the below default shortcuts. In this version you have more space for applications  the clock is no more in app tray  you have now more space through which you can navigate your applications the icons used  in this version  is now more flat and smooth.

The new HTC Sense 6.0 comes with great color collection, colorful wallpapers set are available, BlinkFeed have different color pages the application folder on the home screen  includes different shortcut and have a transparency background, the clock widgets are now flatter, the caller dialer is also different from previous versions of Sense, the layout is very smooth flat and colorful.The best feature of the HTC Sense 6.0 is Motion Launch gesture; it offers you to set different ranges of motions e.g. swipe to navigate different application.

HTC Sense 6.0 Motion Launch Gesture

In oldest versions of  HTC Sence you can turn your phone to silence by turn your phone over. HTC offers tons of new gesture features when the screen is off  pick up your phone in portrait orientation  then swipe right on the screen to launch BlinkFeed, you can set your own different gestures settings. HTC Sense 6.0 has a great powerful feature of battery saver mode, the power saver mode minimize the extra CPU usages and give you 20 to 30 hours of standby time, after turning on the battery saver mode on you will find another shortcut interface through you can navigate the most useful applications instantly.

The new camera UI offers many features like strong focus, different shooting modes, and edit the focus after capturing. So overall we can say that HTC made a good effort to deliver a  more friendly interface and helpful, now will have to wait and see how the HTC sense 6.0 will fit on the older phones.

To check all updates on HTC Sense 6.0 follow this link: HTC SENSE 6.0 LATEST UPDATES

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