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HTC Sensation an effective music player.

The HTC Sensation is one of the more popular Android smartphones currently available. If you are lucky enough to own this impressive device, you may be aware of its capabilities as а music player. In this article I will provide my top tips to get your HTC Sensation up and running as an effective music player.


Before you put your songs onto the handset, it pays to make sure that you have enough storage available. The handset has а round 1 GB of user available internal storage, and there is also an 8 GB micro SD card included. This should be fine for most people`s music collections, but if you want to store а large amount of tracks as well as other files like videos and apps, it may be beneficial to upgrade this to а card. The micro SD slot of this handset can accommodate а card of up to 32 GB, which of course will provide you with much more potential storage and is а relatively cost effective way of gaining more memory.

Transferring your music tracks

When you have ensured that you have adequated storage, then it is time to put your songs into the phone. To do this, simply connect the micro-sd cable supplied with the phone to your computer. Locate your music folder, and it is then simply а case of performing а drag and drop of your chosen songs into the phone`s music folder.

Select a music widget

The HTC Sensation has а default music player widget installed as standard, and there are several other options to choose from via HTC Hub, which have various themes and interfaces. Also, you can use the Android Market to find many more music players. A good choice is Mixzing, which is а media app. This performs all the usual music playback functions and includes album art. Another good thing about this app is that you can use it to fill in the blanks when you have missing album, track or artist information. This app is available for free so it is well worth а look.

Once you have performed all of the above steps, then you can play music on your HTC Sensation on the go using the provided 3.5mm headset, or through its stereo speakers. If you are really into playing music in the go, you may be interested in the newer versions of the HTC Sensation, the XE and XL. Both of these models have integrated Beats Audio, which is renowned for its sound quality, and the handsets each come with а pair of the fashionable Beats headphones.