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HTC Releases Teasing Picture For CES 2105

HTC has released a teasing picture on Weibo, what it means no one really knows. As we can see in the picture “Always Desire More”, and on the post it says “Life is endless desire, desire rising more great and noble” sounds as that they may be releasing a new Desire Smartphone. So what is HTC coming out with in CES2015?

htc ces2015

No news about any other Desire come out since the release of the HTC Desire eye, we only got the HTC
A32 which will bring a 4.7 inches HD display. Snapdragon 1.2GHz Quad-core processor with 1GB Ram and 2100mAh battery. Front 1.3 MP camera and 8MP rear camera. Will be running the Android 4.4 with HTC Sense 6.0.  But this device is expected only in February and to be available in US, and it doesn’t t look like a device to be presented on a big event as the CES2015.

The HTC Hima will only be launched on a special event, being held by HTC in March, not in CES2015 as some rumours suggested.

We still waiting for the new HTC Smartwatch to come to surface, but with all attentions being concentrated on the Apple first smartwatch, we don t think HTC will be making that move now.

So has HTC manage to create a new Desire member and keep it well hidden until the CES2015, soon will find out.

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