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HTC Petra

HTC Petra Smartwatch February 2016: Price and Specs

It’s been a while since we had any news on HTC first smartwatch the HTC Petra. We have to go back to the events before the MWC 2015 in March. By then reports that HTC was gone unveil their first smartphone was very likely, but instead HTC announced the HTC Grip, which is a fitness band. Since then reports on the HTC first smartwatch disappear, even made us think that HTC decided to scrap this project for good, but that’s not HTC position.

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With the top brands releasing new smartwatches every more often, is no surprise that we see a come back of the expected HTC first smartwatch, named HTC Petra. This news comes thanks to one of the most trusted sources on Earth @evleaks which released a tweet saying-“HTC fans, you’ll finally have One watch to call your own come February”. 

HTC Petra Release Date and Price

This tweet made the HTC first smartwatch come alive again and keep HTC fans something to look forward in 2016 since 2015 wasn’t the most successful year for HTC. So as this tweet suggest we may see the release of the HTC smartwatch in February 2016.

No details on price, some suggets that the HTC Petra will rival the likes of the Motorola 360 and the LG G Watch R, these devices have a price tag around £200, so we may see an HTC smartwatch in a similar price range. This unless HTC goes for a more high-end device like the Apple iWatch and, of course, the price will go up, but that’s unlikely to happen.

HTC Petra Specifications

On the specs the HTC Petra is expected to carry a 320×160 PMOLED flexible display,  ST Micro STM32L151 chipset, is is rumoured that it will support GPS, Bluetooth and will bring a battery capable of keeping the device going up to three days.

This HTC smartwatch will be released in Black/Blue Grey and Teal/Lime colours and will also be available in large, medium and small sizes. It is also rumoured that the HTC Petra will be waterproof and  IP57-certified dust.

On the operating system, the latest reports suggest that this HTC smartwatch will carry an RTOS, this is an HTC OS, which will work with the latest Apple IOS and Android OS. HTC Petra will also bring weather, alarms, stopwatch, music, camera and timer apps.

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