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htc one mini 2

Htc One Mini 2 review

If there is anything that has significantly changes our life then it has to be technology. Day by day we see some amazing and highly useful advancements from the technological field. It seems that the technological enhancements are here to make our lives as much comfortable as possible. The different spheres like communication, entertainment, chatting and many more have seen revolutionary changes with the advent of the mobile phones. Presently smartphone has become our best companion. Both our personal life as well as the professional life has changed to a great extent with this fantastic gadget. It would certainly not be an exaggeration to say that life with smartphone would seem unimaginable.

htc one mini 2 review
htc one mini 2

One company which is known for its world class products and mind blowing features when it comes to the smartphones is HTC. The company never disappoints and continues to deliver amazing products. One such technical marvel is HTC One mini 2 which has grabbed a lot of eyeballs of the tech world. This smartphone is a sure delight for the tech freaks and it is packed with whole range of features. Let us see what it has to offer. First and foremost since its HTC, be assured to have a fantastic screen experience and this one comes with 4.5” display. This phone has perfect grip and it would end your search for the phone with one hand use due to its curved back and edges which are streamlined.

The style and appearance of HTC One mini 2 is quite good and it scores high on design. With 1.2 GHz quad core processor and 1 GB RAM this one offers you the expandable storage up to 128 GB which is massive. The internal storage of 16 GB is also acceptable as they have more than made up for this with the huge expandable memory slot. With 13 megapixel rear camera you surely do not have to bother about the picture clarity. The 5 megapixel front camera is also impressive. Not to forget that this one comes with flash option.

This smartphone seems to have made really a smart entry in the Android market and for all the music freaks this one would offer an incredible music exercise with its dual Boomsound speakers. For all those who need options in colours to select from, this smartphone comes in three colours namely amber gold, gunmetal grey and glacial silver. So HTC seems to have gone gaga over metallic shades with this phone.

Htc One Mini 2 vs Nokia Lumia 630
Htc One Mini 2 vs Nokia Lumia 630

The Htc one mini 2 seems to cover all the basic features that are available in the smartphones but what makes it different is its posh looks which makes this a total stand out. The LCD display will make you glued to this technical marvel. So with this you could enjoy great music and videos and the phone seems to have delivered in all the areas, be it looks, memory, music, entertainment or hardware. The metallic shades give superb finish and a total professional look. So grab your hands on this piece and enjoy an ultimate mobile experience.

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