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HTC One battery life

5 Top Tips to Increase HTC One Battery Life

In this article we will cover a few basic rules to increase your HTC One battery life. It’s not easy these days to have our smartphone switched on all day without being recharged. Even more the desire to have bigger phones and more powerful, makes the battery life even smaller, but following just a few simple rules we can increase the HTC One battery life.

HTC One Battery Life 5 Top tips

1- Screen Display – Keeping your screen under control can expended your HTC One battery Life quite a lot so you want to follow a few simple steps to achieve that

Brightness – keep the brightness of your screen lower as possible, do not leave it on automatic as this usually uses more brightness them needed, you can change this by going: Settings>Display>Brightness– unselect the automatic brightness and move the level to half or less.

HTC One Brightness control

Screen time out – is no point in having your screen on when not in use, this only is consuming your HTC One battery life, so you want to change this feature: Settings>Display>Screen timeout– and change this to what you think is more appropriate to your usage, we advise 30s.

HTC One Sreen Time out control

Keep your home screen clean- this looks weird but having to many widgets or shortcuts displaying on your home screen can affect the display making it your HTC One battery life run out quicker.

2- Data connections– keep your connections off when not using them can make a big different, this can take a few times to achieve as you have to turn them off and on. So let’s say you use Wi-Fi at home and 3/4g when you leave the house and Bluetooth when driving, now the tricky part, switch off the ones you’re not using. Keep connection buttons at quick reach so it takes a second to switch them off and on, and by doing this your HTC One battery life dramatically.

3- Running Applications – Knowing what’s running on your HTC One is a good idea, as most off the times us users install an app and not knowing that this apps maybe will be running constantly, even when not in use and by doing this is consuming our HTC One battery life. To stop this happening just go: Settings>Apps>Running Apps – check what apps are running, see if they really needed if not stop them running on your background.

Running Apps


4- Accounts Syncs – To stay updated all the time on social, weather, emails, drives and so on, our devices keeps refreshing this accounts time to time, by doing this it’s using our internet connection Wi-Fi or 3/4g, and apps running on background making the HTC One battery life shorter.

HTC One Data Connections

It’s best to keep only the most important accounts to sync, this can be done by going: Settings>Account Sync – and uncheck the ones that are irrelevant, by doing this not only we gain more HTC One battery life but also reduces ram usage.

5- Keeping all apps updated – is very importance as developers try to keep this apps lighter as possible making it use less ram and less battery as we’ll so it’s good idea to check them time to time. You can achieve this by going to Google Play Store>My Apps>Update All.

Google Play update apps

By doing this simple steps your HTC One battery life will improve significantly, and to help even further use the power saving options on your HTC One, which are pretty awesome if you’re looking to save battery at the last minute. You also can use some apps out there like, Juice Defender and many others, but remember this will be another app running on your device, keep simple and efficient something’s we can’t win.

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