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How To Factory Reset HTC Wildfire

Times comes when our mobile phones start showing little problems in this case the HTC Wildfire. If you Wildfire is starting to freeze or running very slow and you tried other steps to improve performance like for example – deleting apps that are not in use, freeing memory, lowering updates on syncs accounts like Facebook and twitter and any other apps that run updates on background.

If this steps do not resolve the problems that you’re HTC Wildfire may have, then doing a factory reset on the device may be a solution. Please note that doing a factory reset on your HTC Wildfire will delete all settings, accounts and any other data, turning the mobile phone to factory settings.

So before you do a factory reset we suggest that you back up all your data like photos, all your phone numbers, music, any data that are important and you do not want to lose. You can easy do this by using the HTC Sync on your computer or even backing to HTC cloud using HTC Backup App.

Factory Reset HTC Wildfire

You can reset HTC Wildfire in two different ways.

1-Through your HTC Wildfire Settings

  • Go to Settings.
  • SD&Phone Storage.
  • Factory data reset.
  • Reset phone.
  • Now your device should reboot as new.

If by any reason you cannot reset using the settings menu then you can try the other way, which is called Hardware Factory Reset.

2-Hardware Factory Reset HTC Wildfire

  • Remove the device battery, wait ten seconds and then put it back.
  • Press the volume down button and hold, then press the power button and wait till a menu comes up showing three android images.
  • Wait until reads the SD Card, and then using the volume down button choose Clear Storage and then press the power button.
  • Use the volume up button to confirm Clear Storage.
  • Now your HTC Wildfire will erase all data and reboot as new.

This how you make a factory reset on HTC Wildfire, if by any reason you can’t do a factory reset, then your mobile phone may have more serious problems. You may want to consult a Mobile phone repair service to check.

If either you were looking to do a factory reset too fix you HTC Wildfire or to change hands we expect that this article has been helpful, please feel free to contact us with any questions or leave any comment.

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