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Top 10 Android Lollipop Features That You Should Know About.

In the race of technology Google released its new OS named Android Lollipop versions 5.0. In the beginning Google announced the concept Android L in June 25, 2014 but later on they named it to Lollipop. A new design concept has been launched in Android 5.0 is Material Design .The experience of this new OS is very fanatic with some cool countless features.

The interface of Android 5.0 has complete design on the base of Material design concept, means everything is open with animations and transitions. Nothing is teleport, the new OS clearly defined the every stuff you touch. On the other hand this Material design is not only for Lollipop, but it is for across Google apps.  The responsiveness and smoothness is very stable and butter smooth. As compared to the previous Android versions you can say it is the best progressive stable for lollipop

Android Lollipop has been launched on the new Nexus 9 tablet and also on LG Nexus 6. With the release of android Lollipop Google also released 5000 new material design APIs for the developers. Android Lollipop 5.0 updates will soon come to many other devices like Samsung, HTC, LG and other manufacturers. Google applications are fully integrated with Android 5.0. Let’s take a look of some Android Lollipop 5.0 features

Android Lollipop Top 10 Features:

1-Material design:

As described above Android 5.0 is fully build on the new concept called Material Design, so now every screen and window has its own transitions and effects so there is no transporting between windows. About all Google applications have been now upgraded to new Design concept.

2-Lock screen:

The new lock screen has been announced on Android 5.0, now you can see your pending notifications just on the screen, you don’t need to pull your notifications down or unlock your device again and again. Also you can directly access phone and camera from your lock screen with cool animations. Now you can see after how much time your phone get charged directly on the screen.


For security reasons you can also set the priority for each apps. To quickly access your notifications you can double tab on the notifications to open it or swipe to clear it. There is another very awesome feature is notification interruption. Now you can set “don’t disturb” mode for your busy or meeting hours. In your study, sports and meeting calls won’t interrupt you

4-Trusted face and Trusted Location:

Android lollipop has a new security feature called Trusted Face, it’s just like a Face recognition system which is now very faster and most accurate one. On the lock screen it scans your face, after scanning you don’t need to unlock your device. Another feature call trusted location, where you can set your trusted area. Also there are some other features like trusted Bluetooth device and trusted NFC.

5-Battery saver mode:

First time Google announced battery saver mode. It automatically on in your phone when your phone’s charging is less than 15 per. The cool stuff about Battery saver mode is after turning it on it restrict the some unused background apps also it turned off all transitions and effects for best battery life. You can get extra time up 90 min on your phone on saving mode.

6-Guest Mode:androi lollipop

Now you can share your device with other by turn on the guest mode. Screen pinning is also a very fanatic feature ever made by Android 5.0. You can pin certain apps. For example Phone dialer after pinning now the guest person can only make his/her access to dialer.

7-Quick Settings:

For instant access you can just pull down your notification buttons and press the setting icon and in the setting window you can also quickly search the desired panel by just typing the options name. In the quick setting panel you have a quick torch button. In a single swipe you can see the notifications also swipe by two fingers you would have a direct access to toggle panels.

8-Google Now:

Android lollipop has been fully integrated with pure Google sense. You can also wake up your device while screen off by just saying OK Google. Ask different question and also some tons of feature like sending texting or calls.

9-Camera and Media:

In Android 5.0 there is no any other new developed stock app for camera. Google Camera is the stock built-in app for camera. It involves tons of feature like panorama, photosphere and Lens Blur. The weird stuff about Android 5.0 is there is no gallery for your pictures and videos. Photos is a built-in app by Google for photos and videos. It also includes tons of features like backup, auto awesome and edit lollipop keyword

10-Google Lollipop Keyboard:

You have a new material design keyboard layout in the new Android version 5.0. In this versions of keyboard you also have multiple options for skins Material Light and Material Dark. New keyboard has tons of language and different cool Emoji’s.

When will be available ?

Android lollipop has been announced on nexus 6 and nexus 9. Google also announced news for updates come to other phone manufactures. Until now Google announced Android 5.0 for Nexus 4, Nexus 5. Soon it will be available for other phones. If you haven’t receive Lollipop update than go to device update and search.