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add widgets to home screen

How To Add Widgets To HTC One Home Screen

On thing in HTC Android devices is that most of its features can be customized to personal taste and this includes the home screen,  is so many widgets and apps out there that can be add to it, all depends on personal taste, if you’re social person you want a home screen with apps or widgets of your social networks, like Facebook or Twitter and so on.Now let’s explain how to add widgets or apps shortcuts to the Home Screen.

STEP 1- If your home screen is full of widgets and apps shortcuts that you do not use, and you want to remove, just follow this instructions.

  • Unlock you home screen
  • Press and hold the apps shortcut or widget that you want to remove and gently slide to the remove button that is showing in the top of the screen and release, now your item was deleted from home screen only.
  •  That is how you remove a item from your home screen

STEP 2 – How to add widgets or apps shortcuts to the home screen.

  • Unlock you home screen
  • Press and hold on any empty space on your home screen
  • Now a menu comes up on your screen, press add apps and widgets
  • Your screen is now divided in two, in to the top part is you home screen and bottom is all the widgets or apps shortcuts, just scroll to find the widget or apps that you want to add to the home screen.
  • After you found the one you want to add, just simply press and hold and then gently slide to the home screen position that you want it to appear.
  • Now just tap on your home screen to return to normal screen.

And that is how you add widgets and apps on your home screen, this is how easy android to work with, many features all to make the user interface more personal and enjoyable.

Hope you enjoy the article see you soon.

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