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Htc one phone cases
htc one cases

5 Great Htc One Phone Cases

The model ‘One’ Phone has been а huge success for HTC. If you own а HTC One and are looking to get а Phone case for it then you should find this article of great use. Below are 5 of the best HTC One phone cases that are available.

5 Great HTC one phone Cases

1. HTC One Phone Double Dip Hard Shell Case – This is the official case for the HTC One and also happens to be one of the best. The case comes in three parts – two clips that go on the top and bottom of the Phone and the main body which goes across the back. Not only does it look great it also provides protection for the screen since the clips are raised.

2. Otterbox Commuter Series – This is another great case for the HTC One. If protecting your Phone is of the utmost priority then you cannot go wrong with this case. It’s made from а poly-carbonate shell which provides great protection for the body, whilst the screen protector will protect against scratches and dents to the display.

3. Belkin Ultra-Thin Case  – As the name would suggest, this case does not provide as much protection as some other models but it does offer а very sleek look and gives access to all ports on the Phone. Suited to those who are careful with their Phone?

4. Case-Mate Barely There – This case will provide а good deal of protection without compromising on looks. It’s available in several eye-catching colors so is perfect for those who want protection whilst also adding style to their Phone.

5. HTC One Phone Double Dip Flip Case – This case is perfect for those who like to watch TV and movies on the go as it props the Phone up in landscape mode using а stand. It also provides excellent protection and functionality.

Where to Buy  One Cases – one of the best places to find HTC One phone cases such as the ones above is on eBay. The great thing about buying on eBay is that you`re able to sort items by price and location so you can ensure that you get the best price possible. If you prefer to buy from а shop then this comes with the obvious advantage of being able to look at the case and judge the quality of the material as well as seeing if it fits your Phone well.

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